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With 200 rooms, a buzzing lobby, two destination restaurants, and incredible event spaces – including a 7th floor pool and rooftop – Hotel Fraye is an immersive journey down the road less traveled. Inspired by the history of Nashville’s pioneering suffragettes, our hotel — just like Nashville itself — and it isn’t afraid to take a stand and join the fray.

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Only at Hotel Fraye

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7th Floor Pool & Bar

The rooftop pool and cocktail bar – Eddie Ate Dynamite – are exclusive to guests of Hotel Fraye, with an energy all their own.

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Free Wi-Fi, Always

Free Wi-Fi? Not even a question. When you’re here, you’re as connected as you want to be.

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A Stand-Out Gym

Because travel should enhance your lifestyle – not get in its way. Hotel Fraye’s spacious gym is open 24/7 for guests.